At NUUKSIO HOSTEL AND CAMPING, we take pride in what we offer to our guests.

This is not just a place to sleep, this is a true experience with opportunity to learn, chill, work. play music instruments and be surrounded with nature.

Lapland hut

Our most valued structure, next our pond, proudly standing, Lapland hut. A place to be and a place to remember.

Many instruments for your pleasure, from percussions to strings.

Fireplace, large tables, candles, absolute heaven for those nights that could last forever.

Unique smokehouse

Even in best hotels you will not find this kind of smokehouse, take your taste buds for a ride. Built out of tar-pine, should be handled only by host or supervision.

Sun heated shower

Take a shower in the great outdoors, bask in the sun and enjoy this green energy contraption.